BZU Merit Lists 2023 – Download Undergraduate /MS /MPhil /PhD Merit List

Hmary Idary never misses a chance to serve you. This time we come with the news of BZU Merit Lists 2023. You will learn that how you can download or check BZU Merit Lists 2023 of Undergraduate, 5th Semester, Undergraduate, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. merit lists. Bahauddin Zakariya showing the morning and evening merit lists for all programs or both, depending on the schedule.

Students who apply for admission and successfully completed all admission stages, including entrance examinations or interviews, would be notified within a few days. A list of finalists has been released soon.

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Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any trouble viewing your BZU Multan entry test results or BZU Multan Merit List. Our knowledgeable team will reply to you resolutely as soon as possible. Many public and private organisations have been operating under the direction of Bahauddin Zakariya University. By keeping HEC regulations in place, more than BZU Multan handles all affairs.

Candidates only need to click the link below, check their names manually by entering their CNIC numbers, and then click “Search Number” to see if their names are listed in the merit lists. Wait for the following merit list if your name isn’t displayed if it is on the list.

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Details of BZU Merit Lists 2023:

OrganizationBahauddin Zakariya Univeristy
Information TypeBZU Merit Lists
Admission TypeBS/MS/MPhil/Ph.D

More Information About Bahauddin Zakariya University Merit List 2023

We do, however, encourage that students stay in touch with us for any other developments until the final announcement of the outstanding list or the completion of the admissions process. Check all merit lists on this page.

You can download the merit lists for all departments, including the BS Communication Studies merit list for 2023, the BZU Physics merit list, the BZU Mathematics merit list, the BZU Computer Science merit list, the DPT Merit list, and all others.

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And you can also download BZU 1st Merit List, BZU 2nd Merit Lists, BZU 3rd Merit List, 4th merit lists, 5th merit lists, BZU Morning Merit Lists, and BZU Evening Merit Lists. For more information visit Hmary Idary.

Last Year Third Evening Closing Merit of BZU:

The closing merit of bachelors / undergraduate programs in first merit list of BZU is available in the following. It is a convenient way to check the closing merits of different fields easily.

  • BS Food Science Technology : 91.61%
  • BS Agriculture : 88.24%
  • BS IR : 89.56%
  • BS Criminology : 88.23%
  • LLB : 88.05
  • BBA : 88.46%
  • BS English : 90.17%
  • BS Mathematics : 85.54%
  • BS Biochemistry : 90.9%
  • BS Computer science : 90.81%
  • BS Environmental Science : 86.94%
  • BS Information Technology : 89.73%
  • BS Physics : 87.79%
  • BS Chemistry : 90.52%
  • BS Biotechnology : 91.45%
  • BS Molecular Biology : 90.35%
  • BS Botany : 90.57%
  • BS Microbiology : 90.88%
  • BS Zoology : 90.04%
  • DVM : 92.13%
  • BS Applied psychology 89.49%
  • BS Mass communication 87.2%
  • BS Education 81.75%
  • BS Gender studies 80.9%
  • BS Geography 82.51%
  • BS History 80%
  • BS Pakistan studies 78.5%
  • BS Philosophy 82.38%
  • BS Political science 87.7%
  • BS Public Administration 84.28%
  • BS Sociology 82.94%
  • BS Anthropology 85.93%
  • BS Sports science 82.85%
  • BS Library and information science 81.14%
  • BS Public Finance 78.78%
  • BS Social work 75.67%
  • BS Fine Arts 62.218%
  • BS Graphic Design 62.712%
  • BS Business Economic 84.22%
  • BS Economic and Finance 81.85%
  • BS Economics 81.55%
  • BS Islamic studies 84.61%
  • BS Urdu 85.94%
  • BS Saraiki 76.31%
  • BS Statistics 78.78%

Last Year Closing Merit of Third Morning List of Bahauddin Zakariya University:

  • BBA : 95.24%
  • BS English : 98%
  • Doctor of Pharmacy:99.20%
  • BS Food Science Technology : 93.46%
  • Bs Human Nutrition:92.27%
  • BS Agriculture : 91.09%
  • DVM : 98.81%
  • BS Computer science : 99.03%
  • BS Criminology :75.04%
  • LLB :94.90%
  • BS Mathematics :90%
  • BS Biochemistry :97.45%
  • BS Environmental Science : 92.87%
  • BS Information Technology:98.23%
  • BS Physics :93.17%
  • BS Chemistry : 94.35%
  • BS Biotechnology : 98.81%
  • BS Molecular Biology:97.62%
  • BS Botany : 95.44%
  • BS Microbiology : 97.62%
  • BS Zoology:97.82%
  • BS Applied psychology:89.70%
  • BS Mass communication:91.88%
  • BS Education:79.81%
  • BS Gender studies:77.45%
  • BS Geography:70.90%
  • BS History:80%
  • BS Pakistan studies:79.23%
  • BS Philosophy:78.21%
  • BS Political science:82.54%
  • BS Public Administration:74.05%
  • BS Sociology:58.31%
  • BS Anthropology:57.45%
  • BS Sports science:77.42%
  • BS Library and information science :63.18%
  • BS Public Finance:51.81%
  • BS Fine Arts:63.06%
  • BS Graphic Design:69.69%
  • BS Islamic studies:69.45%
  • BS Urdu:85%
  • BS Saraiki:44.35%
  • BS Statistics:72.94%
  • BS Enterpreneurship:81.81%
  • BS Agri Business and Marketing:97.36%
  • BS Agricultural Engineering:61.18%
  • BS Farm Management:89.18%
  • BS water management:90.27%
  • Civil engineering:81.9%
  • Building nd Architectural engineering:75.51%
  • Computer Engineering:82.49%
  • Electrical Engineering:78.59%
  • Mechanical Engineering:80.38%
  • Metallurgy Engineering:76.72%
  • Textile Engineering:78.46%

Closing Merit of Forth Evening List of Bahauddin Zakariya University:

Bahauddin Zakariya University has uploaded the first, second, third and fourth merit list of evening programs. You can check your name in the merit list of BZU which is available below. Scroll down to view the merit list of your respective departments such IMS, IBF etc.

Entry Test Result of MPhil Merit List 2023:

The students who appeared in admission test or entry test of Bahauddin Zakariya University MS MPhil Program are waiting for the merit list. Scroll down to view or download the bzu ms program merit list as soon as the merit list is displayed.

Last Date to Pay Admission Challan Fee BZU:

The last date to challan fee varies in every merit list. Most of the time, the deadline of Bahauddin Zakariya University Admission Fee is within the three days after the merit list is displayed. The last date to pay admission fee is available on the official website of BZU where the merit list is displayed. You should also submit the required documents in the relative department in which you want to take admission.

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BZU Fall Merit List 2023:

Bahauddin Zakariya University is the largest university in South Punjab. It’s offering admissions twice a year. Spring admission will be open in January and Fall admissions will be usually open in June/July.

How to Check /Download BZU Merit Lists:

Your Bahauddin Zakariya University Merit lists can be seen in two different ways. The first method is to go to the BZU website, and the second is to scroll down the page until you see a screen. By pressing the keys Ctrl and F, search for the department to which you have applied, and then download the BZU merit lists.

Also, you can visit our scholarship section below if you are seeking for scholarships to continue your education.

BZU Undergraduate Merit Lists Fall 2023:

How to download your BZU Undergraduate merit list, the answer is to search your department where you have applied in the below screen and download it.

In case you face any problem, try reloading the page.

BZU 5th Semester Undergraduate Merit Lists Fall 2023:

Those candidates who have applied for BZU 5th semester admissions can download their merit lists by the given screen below.

BZU MPhil Merit Lists 2023:

Those candidates who are willing to get admissions in BZU MPhil; can also download their or check merit lists by the given process;

BZU PhD Merit Lists 2023:

Download Merit Lists of BZU

BZU Undergraduate Merit ListsDownload
BZU Postgraduate Merit ListsDownload
BZU MPhil Merit ListsDownload
BZU Ph.D. Merit ListsDownload

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