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Greetings, Qatar invites volunteers from all around the world to register online for the FIFA Volunteer Registration 2022. In addition, 20,000 volunteers will work throughout the FIFA World Cup 2022, making it Qatar’s “Largest Volunteer Activation” in its history. Furthermore, this will be Qatar’s grandest event, beginning in November 2022.

Furthermore, FIFA Volunteers will be able to operate in FIFA, arranging meetings and executing various jobs. In addition, both male and female individuals are invited to apply. Every nationality is welcome.

Do you have a strong interest in football? Registration is open to anybody over the age of 16, regardless of country, education, or vocation. You do not have to be a Qatari national or resident to apply. So far, 461537 volunteers have registered. The Volunteers will be subjected to a rigorous selection process.

To travel Qatar, you need not require a visa. More than 90 nations are eligible for visas on arrival in Qatar. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of the world’s largest athletic event. You’ll also earn valuable experience and new talents that will help you for years to come. So, are you ready to be a part of Qatar’s largest event in history? Register your interest in helping in Qatar on the road to 2022.

Process of Volunteer Registration for FIFA 2022

Join hundreds of thousands of people from around the world as we prepare for the Middle East’s first FIFA World CupTM. As we near the start of the game,

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FIFA Volunteer Registration 2022 Details

No. of Volunteers20,000
EventFIFA World Cup
DatesNovember 2022

Recruitment Process for FIFA World Cup 2022

Responsibilities in FIFA World Cup 2022

You will support events and projects in spectator services, hotel, marketing, catering, transportation, workforce management, and other areas to help Qatar prepare for the FIFA World Cup 2022TM. There will be numerous significant milestones between now and the competition, providing you with numerous opportunity to leave your imprint.

Benefits of FIFA 2022 World Cup

Entry into Qatar

Qatar welcomes nationals from more than 80 countries to enter the country without a visa. We are working with local partners to ensure access for volunteers from other countries, although this may vary depending on the event.


Volunteer will get free transportations within Qatar


For each eight-hour shift, we’ll serve one dinner. If your shift is longer than eight hours, you will be provided with two meals.


Every seven days, you will get at least one day off.

How Volunteers will be Selected for FIFA 2022?

People with the necessary talents, such as communication, leadership, language, teamwork, and engagement, are chosen to work in various functional areas. You’ll have the opportunity to make the most of your distinct skill set.

Who can apply for FIFA Volunteer?

Registration is open to anybody over the age of 16, regardless of country, education, or vocation. You do not have to be a Qatari national or resident to apply.

How you can apply for FIFA Volunteer Registration 2022 World Cup?

Register your interest in volunteering on the path to 2022, or log in if you’ve already signed up. Visit Here to Register.

Apply Online for FIFA World Cup Volunteer Program 2022

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