Privacy Policy

At Hmary Idary, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that are collected and recorded by Hmary Idary and how we use it. You can deny all or any part of our data coverage or cookies at any time.

Tracking & Cookies Data

Likes other website, Hmary Idary also use cookies. These cookies are used for better user experience and also use to store information of user preference. The page or post on this is website that is accessed by user.

Cookies are sent and collected to detect your preferences on our site and your login info on our site.

Legal Requirements

We may disclose your data to any legal identity to ensure the safety of our users and our servuces. We assure that your data is secure with us and will never be disclosed till something happens against the law, and will be disclosed for law. We hold the right to protect our services and our users.

If you are located oustide of Pakistan, then we want to inform you that we are operating inside Islamic Republic of Pakistan and internet/digital services/info of users and even of services providers are monitered in Pakistan, as all other countries doing the same (to prevent any demage including legal or public issues). You are liable to follow the law of Pakistan (whenevr you are using our services) and our laws may differ from other countries.

What kind of Data We Collect:

We collect some personal and techinical data to provide you the required services. This data is used to identify you.These may include:

  • Email Adress
  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Ip Address (including Country, State/Province, Postal/Zip Code, City
  • Device info(including browser info, internet info)
  • Time and date of use of our services

Use of Data

We collect some data and use it for providing necessary services or

  • To provide and maintain the server
  • To give you and intercative environmet to use our services
  • To identify and solve technical issues
  • To provide user support

Link to Other Sites

We always gather our written/displayed/said information from authenticated souces. Almost everytime we provide some link(s) to any other official site(s) of government, non-government and private depatments, institutions, organiztaions. We are not liable of all those mentioned or linked sites (of what they are doing), but in the end they are safe as they are always offical ones.

Other Services

We use some third party services on our site, these are not our partners but they are our helping hands, like we are using thier services to give you better experince. These services and companies may include; Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google Search Console etc. You can check more info at How Google Uses Data.

Contact us

We ensure you that you are safe at our site and serivces, but somehow if you feel something wrong or alarming for you or other users you can contact us. We are always happy to give support and solve your issues. We always welcome our users to consider their concerns and help them the way they want. Your protection is our prime priority.